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This project was a partnership with Ritch Carlson, owner of Traditional Building, Inc. in Salt Lake City.  This small polygamist home had a derelict 1950’s rear yard addition and lots of potential.  The original one level main house was restored to its formal glory with high ceilings and tall doors with operable transoms.  At the rear we chose to remove and rebuild the 1950’s addition with a new stairway to create living space on three levels.  The front porch was pruned back to its original size and Ritch fabricated decorative scrolls and brackets to match originals from a historic photograph of Mr. Romney and his large family in the front yard.  Picket fencing and a garage with similar details finished off this multiple award winning project. 

Design:  Richardson Quann Associates

Construction:  Traditional Building, Ritch and Daisy Carlson

Tax Credits:  Utah

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