McIntyre Mansion.jpg

salt lake city avenue historic district

The McIntyre House is an historic mansion built in 1898 and was listed by the National Park Service on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Following fifty years of institutional usage by the LDS hospital, the home was purchased by a private family. Capitol Hill Construction and Richardson Quann Associates were hired to complete the design-build project of transforming it back to an elegant single family residence while maintaining all of the significant historical aspects of the mansion, including the spectacular main hall. All of the building’s electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems underwent a complete overhaul while still managing to minimally impact the sensitive areas. A complete renovation of finishes on the upper two stories and the kitchen breathed new life into this beautiful home.

Design:  Richardson Quann Associates

Construction: Capitol Hill Construction

Tax Credits: Utah

Photos: Scot Zimmerman