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What began as an accessibility project became a work of art.  This picturesque Arts and Crafts style home was built by Ware and Treganza in 1906.  It prominently anchors the corner of Second Avenue and “O” Street and is home to a retired dermatologist with challenged mobility.  Working with landscape designer Rob McFarland from Ward and Child, Richardson Quann Associates designed a sinuous elevated “Ipe Causeway” from the kitchen door to the garage.  Capitol Hill Construction elegantly recreated details from the front of the house to create a new covered porch for easy winter access.  Rob Schockler with Schockler Landscape provided an amazing landscape that hardly lets one know that they are travelling on an elevated accessible path.  It was an honor to add this elegant addition to what was already an existing work of art. 

Design:  Richardson Quann Associates, with Rob McFarland

Construction:  Capitol Hill Construction, with Schockler Landscape

Photos: Scot Zimmerman

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