Architect David Richardson designed this spiral stair to take minimal space while connecting a small private master suite deck with “a new found outdoor space” above this small garage. 

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Once walled off for apartments, this stair was given a new life by Capitol Hill craftsmen Pedro Caro and Oscar Gonzalez. With Help from John Griswold, a new balustrade was fabricated to closely match remnants of the original to restore the entrance of this lovely home to its original grandeur.

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Considine house

Master Builder, Blake Barrett personally handcrafted this stair and railing to integrate with the design of architect Steve Simmons and designer Liz Owen

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Alice-Lane-Home_Peterson-Residence-27 stairway2.jpg

Second Avenue Victorian (Peterson House)

With help from designer Natalie Ellis and a very detailed homeowner, the original elegance of this short, but incredibly detailed balustrade once again graces this lovely home. 


Cionni House

With help from Underfoot Floors, Craftsman Pedro Caro re-engineered this stair to the exacting designs of architect Brian Junge and Interior Designer Carrie Snyder.


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